Work From Home Options Attract Top Notch Development Talent

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Studies have shown that one good developer can truly be worth several mediocre or bad developers. A study in the 1960’s by Sackman, Erikson, and Grant concluded that the ratio of initial coding time between the best and worst programmers was a staggering 20 to 1 and that the ratio of debugging times was over 25 to 1.  Equally eye opening was the fact the program size varied by 5 to 1, and the list goes on. A good developer is invaluable, whereas a bad developer can cause a great many sleepless nights! With this fact in mind, it only makes sense to do everything possible to not only attract the best employees, but also retain their services.

Finding and Keeping the Best Talent

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When it comes to programmers, being able to offer options to work from home might be a way to attract the new talent you need. On one level, it is no real secret why any employee might find the option to work from home to be very appealing one.   After all, circumventing the office environment can save a tremendous amount of travel time, hassle and expense. But it can also do something more. This approach allows your programmers to stay sharper and more focused.

Additionally, allowing programmers to bypass the office also means that they are bypassing office politics as well. Also, if you find a good programmer, he or she will likely be willing to work longer hours if necessary given the added convenience of working at home.

Get the Edge Over Your Competition

Having programmers work from home is a huge perk. The importance of this perk will be amplified if and when other employers come knocking in an attempt to poach one of your best. If another employer isn’t allowing a work at home option, then your company possesses a distinct advantage.

Attracting top-notch technical talent is usually a challenge, and that means you need every single edge possible. Programmers tend to be very practical individuals. They will instantly do the math on variables like travel time and add up the hours lost and the expense involved in travel. If a programmer is considering several options and your option is the only one on the table that has the work at home option you can be quite sure that you’ll, at the very least, be in the running.

People want to feel valued and they want to feel special and this factor, of course, translates to programmers as well. Offering up a perk such as being able to work from home will serve as a uniquely powerful pull. When pursuing high caliber programming talent, it is important to offer not just more money but when possible other benefits and an acknowledgement of value.

Gain a Productivity Boost

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Most programmers lose countless valuable hours traveling to and from work and interacting with colleagues. The work from home eliminates these distractions and that can lead to more productive employees.

An article from the Harvard Business Review echoes this theory. The article sites research involving a travel website that enabled staff members to work at home for 9 months and then closely monitored the results. This study revealed that employees that work at home got 13.5% more work done. They also quit at half the rate of those that worked in the office and reported a higher job satisfaction.

Similar results were achieved in research at Stanford University and this effect was described in a US News and World Report article.  The Stanford research showed that those who work at home are 13% more efficient.

Part of having productive employees in any field is battling fatigue. A rested programmer is a sharp one, and that means overall greater productive. If you are concerned that your top programmers might quit due to burnout, then what better way to combat burnout than by enabling them to work according to their own schedule? Most programmers will feel that this option comes with less mental stress and a far greater sense of freedom. Further, some programmers simply work better at night. When you enable staff members to work from home, they can get things done during the hours where they are most alert and productive.

A feeling of freedom and autonomy in the work place is a serious way to boost morale and reduce stress, and that will translate into a boost in productivity. If you want more productive programmers, then consider the work from home option.

Widen Your Spectrum of Options

The work from home option has other substantial benefits for employers as well. At the top of the list of benefits for employers is that by allowing employees to work from home, you are dramatically enlarging your pool of potential candidates. By having programmers work from home, it is possible to fill your programming needs not just with programming talent within your driving area, but to programming talent all around the world! This fact can be of tremendous importance of companies located in areas with lower population densities or located in less desirable locations.

The simple fact is that if your company is not located in a spot where people want to move to and live, then you might have a good deal of trouble securing the talent that you need. However, by allowing your programming talent to be located on the other side of the country or the other side of the world, your options will blossom tremendously!

Then, of course, there is the issue of salary and savings. By simply opening up your search to include programmers from an array of geographical locations, you will be able to save- perhaps even substantially. Allowing programmers to work from home also means that you can take advantage of exchange rates between countries or even lower costs of living from one part of the country to the next.

By not limiting your search to local programming candidates within commuting distance of your business, you are empowering your options and your outcomes. Expanding your search via the very powerful tool that is the work from home option you will gain access to better, cheaper and happier talent; all of which leads to greater results.

The Workplace of the 21st Century

It is worth the time and effort not only to find the very best talent, but also to secure that talent in place for as long as possible. The right perks can encourage people to stay put. Now you might not be able to offer free massages and stock options like Google, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t allow programmers to work from home.

According to research by the consulting firm the Hay Group, employees that do not feel that their jobs support work/life balance are more likely to leave. Studies from Spherion echo this sentiment saying that more than 50% of employees at companies that feel that there is a proper work/life balance will stay more than 5 years. 47% of employees cited being able to telecommute as being most important.

Thanks to advancements in technology, the idea of the “workplace” has become a more fluid one. Why not take advantage of this fact and opt for allowing your programmers to be located anywhere? After all, what is really more important, following the traditional model of people all seating in the same room or getting the job done quickly and successfully?

Some professionals require people to be physically located where they work, but programming typically doesn’t fall into that category. Today, it is possible for programmers to be almost anywhere. At the end of the day, isn’t it really more important that the work gets done and done well than that the work gets done in the right location?

Attracting great programmers and keeping them will help your business and your bottom line. This means that it is prudent to do everything possible to keep your programmers happy. With this in mind, why not go for the option that is likely to lead to the greatest level of overall satisfaction? Enabling staff members to work from home is an amazing perk and one that few others can match.

Being able to work at home gives programmers a great deal of control and freedom, and who doesn’t want that? As if all of this wasn’t enough, you’ll also gain access to a talent all over the world. If you want the very best programmers out there, then it is necessary to think outside the box and embrace new approaches such as offering a work from home option.

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