5 Tips For Effectively Using Social Media To Market Your Business


You’ve seen many other companies with ‘like us on Facebook’ attached to their web pages, but haven’t quite made that step for yourself yet. Maybe that’s because you are not quite sure if social media marketing can be effective in your business. It could also be that you aren’t sure where to start and have become overwhelmed or frustrated with the idea. In order to make sure that your social media is not annoying or useless, but does increase your bottom line, check out these tips on how to effectively market your business through social media.

Start With Your Home Base

You need to find a home base for the information you provide to your customers. Whether you choose a web site or a blog, you want to make sure that you are in control of the experiences your users have, from the information they find about your business to how they can communicate and use your interface. You want to make sure that your blog or web site displays your expertise and provides vital information to your customers and serves as a go-to point of reference.

You need to make sure that the design is professional, clean and smart. You can add a little style, to really let consumers know who you are, but you want to make sure the information is easily viewable and definitely not confusing to navigate through or view. Your readers want to find the information they need quickly!

It is important that your home base is where you post the most content and provide answers to your customers’ questions. In your content, you should include tips, or how to information, or answer other questions your customers have about their issues. You want to make sure that your customers know where to go when it comes to finding information about your industry – and that’s you! You should also provide them with facts and knowledge about the business and what you can offer and include links to pertinent information about various topics.

Finding A Face

When it comes to using social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you need a face to go with the name. People want to see who they are working with on a professional level. As a dog trainer, it would probably be a good idea to post your pic in your work environment, meaning with a dog. Show your customers that you are pet-friendly and human-friendly. This will help them become more comfortable working with you.

In addition to putting a face on your social media, you also need to be personal. This does not mean that you let everyone know what’s going on in your personal life, but it does mean that you make yourself approachable. Make sure that your content, messages and posts are all friendly, informative and have personal little touches. For instance, if you are blogging or tweeting about a new training tip, make sure you mention how it has helped you personally. This helps others find a connection between their situations and yours, realizing that you will be able to help them using your unique techniques.

Where Are Your Customers?

Social media is a virtual hangout. It allows everyone in a similar situation or with similar interests to gather in one place. You should find out where other businesses, with a large consumer base are setting up shop in the social media world. This will be where you want to be and where you will want to put your expert content revolving around your business.

If you find that the majority of your customers are in one location and you are in another, it’s time to make a move. Although you should focus on your home base, you can venture out to other realms and bring in new clients. When posting on social media pages, you should provide relevant links back to your home base where they will find all the information they need.

Time Management Is Key

You need to set aside a particular amount of time that you plan to use for social media marketing. If you fail to do so, you will end up spending all of your time there, losing focus on your real goal – operating a successful business. A good way to manage how much time you spend with social media is using a timer. Allot yourself a certain amount of time, say five minutes, set a timer and when it beeps, you’re done! Get back to work!

Content Is Most Important

While you may have heard that your business should revolve around conversation, the exact opposite is the truth. You need to put your primary focus on the content you provide and a little less emphasis on day-to-day conversation with your customers on social media. With that said, you do need to be personal and keep your ears perked for any complaints so that you may respond quickly and appropriately.

You want to make sure that the content you post is relevant to your business and beneficial for your customers. If you come across something in the blog world that is well written and could be a reliable source of information for your customers, let them know about it by enriching your content with links to other sources. You would want to add your own thoughts and opinions as well, but let them know the original source of the information.When you are posting content, you need to keep SEO in mind, as it is the greatest complement to your social media marketing techniques. It allows your clients to find you and provides search engines with a reason to consider you a valued source in the industry.

Following these five tips will help increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. When in doubt about what you are doing, contact a social media marketing expert for assistance! After all, everyone needs a little help here and there!