How To Ask for Referrals


When you run your own business, you understand the importance of constantly bringing in new referrals for your services. Most of your past and current customers will only have one or two needs for many years and might not need your services for again awhile. This is why you will need to learn how to ask your current clients for referrals.

There are many things that you can do in order to ask for referrals from your past and current clients. You will need to provide a quality service to your customers so that they will feel comfortable referring you to their friends. It is extremely important that you are providing both stellar products or services and customer service to your clients. Only then will they be willing to refer you to their friends, as they can be sure their friends will receive the same type of treatment and expertise.

Once you have determined that your customers are satisfied with your work, there are some methods to use in order to determine when to ask your customers for a referral. Some of these include when you are preparing your marketing materials, when you are thinking about creating a sales process, when you are conducting a follow-up with the student, after each project, and when someone congratulates you on a great job.

Marketing Material Preparations

When you are preparing your marketing materials, it is a good idea to mention referrals and how well they assist your business. You can write a little line about referrals on your brochures and even on your business cards. Any material that is going out to your customers – past, present, and definitely future – should have this information about the referral.

The potential clients do not even need to choose your services in order to recommend you to someone else. You might find someone who already has what you are selling, but they might take the information and refer you to one of their friends that could benefit. There are many situations where others can refer you to their friends and family, so it is important to provide information about when and how to refer your services, as well as what benefit they will receive when making referrals.

Sales Process Referrals

When you are working with your clients, you will want to set up a method to ensure retention and referrals from your current clients. If the customer has a new need, you will want them to choose your services the second time around. If you are worried about retaining your customers, you will need to work hard to keep them happy throughout the entire process. During interactions with your clients, either before or after a project or sell, make sure you are mentioning referrals. You will find that the longer you have a particular client, the more he/she is likely to talk about their friends, providing you with an open invitation to ask for a referral.

Follow-up Process Creation

After you have conducted business, it is critical to implement a follow-up process with your clients. This will allow you the opportunity to contact your customers and inquire about how they enjoyed your services or products, if they had any further questions, and if you could assist them in any other way. While you are chatting with them on the phone, or via email, make sure you mention your referral program, as you are willing to help anyone they know.

The important thing is to determine how to present the referral information to your client in a way that will ensure a referral is granted. Even if you perform an amazing job on your services, if your customers do not know the proper procedures for providing you with a referral, they will not be able to. Make sure that your referral program is set in place before you start asking for referrals. Make sure you have referral cards for your clients, so they can understand the process and provide their friends and family members with your information.

Another option that you can choose for getting a referral after providing the services includes asking for a referral right away. You can thank them for their business and ask them to refer any of their friends and family to their business.

Be Prepared

You should always be prepared when a client is satisfied with your services. This might seem counter-intuitive since most people will spend their time determining what to do if a client is upset with their work. Being prepared when a client praises your work can help you ensure that you ask for a referral. You can have a script ready in order to properly say the right response in this situation. Thank the client for their patronage and request them to refer you   to all of their friends and family or colleges.