What is DevOps?

Software Development Life Cycle process and flat icon

So what in the world is “DevOps” and why is it all the buzz right now? Basically the term DevOps is a mashup of the Development + Operations (clever right?). All it really means is that development shops have finally come around to see the light that building a piece of software is really pretty…

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Augmented Reality: The Time to Shine is Now

Augmented reality. Keyboard

Currently, there are several different technological revolutions underway. Whether we look at manufacturing practices, robotics, nanotechnology, medicine, virtual reality, entertainment or a range of other areas, change is occurring and occurring at a surprisingly rapid pace. These different areas of development are, in fact, influencing one another and helping to spur additional developments. Much like…

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Work From Home Options Attract Top Notch Development Talent

Work From Home Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Studies have shown that one good developer can truly be worth several mediocre or bad developers. A study in the 1960’s by Sackman, Erikson, and Grant concluded that the ratio of initial coding time between the best and worst programmers was a staggering 20 to 1 and that the ratio of debugging times was over…

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Good Developers are Hard to Find But Worth It

Programmer writing notes on paper

What’s the difference between a good programmers and all the rest? As it turns, out the answer is quite a bit! Some say that good programmers can be as much as ten times more productive. In fact, there was a popular discussion which originated back in 2008 that discussed how the difference can be as…

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Outsourcing Software Development

whiteboard schema : outsourcing benefits cs5

The simple fact is that there are times when every business needs outside expertise and advice. Let’s say you’re looking to meet a deadline, but simply don’t have the internal resources to pull it off. Or perhaps an opportunity has arisen, and if you don’t have the development done, you will lose out to a…

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How To Ask for Referrals


When you run your own business, you understand the importance of constantly bringing in new referrals for your services. Most of your past and current customers will only have one or two needs for many years and might not need your services for again awhile. This is why you will need to learn how to…

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5 Tips For Effectively Using Social Media To Market Your Business


You’ve seen many other companies with ‘like us on Facebook’ attached to their web pages, but haven’t quite made that step for yourself yet. Maybe that’s because you are not quite sure if social media marketing can be effective in your business. It could also be that you aren’t sure where to start and have…

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